How CorePower Yoga Is Improving Lives Everyday

For the past few months I have taken my yoga practice to the next level by joining a CorePower Yoga studio. After only a short time I am seeing how CorePower Yoga is transforming the bodies and minds of the people who have started to practice this new form of yoga.

Whether you are brand new to yoga or a seasoned veteran, CorePower Yoga has something for everyone.

Giving A New Name To Hot Yoga

When I first moved to the city that I currently live in it was difficult for me to find a yoga studio that really offered a high-intensity workout that I was used to. I went to various different studios looking for somewhere that was going to be able to help me take my yoga practice to the next level but came up short.

After a few months of practicing at home, a brand new CorePower Yoga studio opened up in my city. I was already familiar with CorePower Yoga and was excited to give it a try. If you are not familiar with what CorePower Yoga is, it is a series of workouts offered at any CorePower Yoga studio across the country.

CorePower Yoga
Find a space that you are comfortable in to practice yoga.

As much as I love the classes at CorePower Yoga that you’ll see below, the thing that made me keep coming back was the modern design of the studio and the locker-rooms. I had never been to a yoga studio that had such nice facilities before and it made it that much easier to keep coming back.

What You Can Expect At The Studio

CorePower Yoga offers four different classes: C1, C2, Hot Power Fusion, and Yoga Sculpt. The C1 class, or the beginner’s class, is the only class that is not a heated class, meaning the other three types are heated hot yoga classes.

At first I was hesitant about joining a studio that offers mainly hot yoga classes because I already sweat a ton in non-heated classes and I really didn’t see the benefit adding more heat to the mix. What I realized after my first few classes was that my body was getting looser than ever before and I was able to go deeper into poses that had previously caused me problems.

Practicing in a heated room, while dramatically increasing the amount of sweat pouring off of my body, also allowed my muscles to really warm up and provide me the space that I needed in my body to get into these deep poses. Being able to feel parts of my body that I never knew even existed has really propelled my practice forward while providing the intense physical therapy that my chronic low back pain needs to continue healing.

A Look At The Classes

Everyone is at different points in their yoga practice which is why CorePower Yoga, just like every other yoga, encourages you to go at your own pace. The C1 class is great for beginners because you practice the same sequence of movements every class. However, if you are advanced and would like to go further, you are always welcome to take your practice as far as your body needs to go that day.

Advanced Yoga
Test yourself in your practice.

I enjoy going to the C1 classes because it allows me to stop worrying about what movement is coming next and really get into the flow of the class but if you’re looking for a little more of a challenge and still want to practice a power vinyasa yoga class, the C2 class takes all of the movements that you learn in the C1 class and adds another level of difficulty to them.

C2 classes are what I consider the high-intensity, cardio workouts that incorporate all of the advanced yoga postures that you will find in most types of yoga. I’ve found that the C2 class is very similar to DDP Yoga but has more of a traditional yoga feel.

The Hot Power Fusion class is very similar to a Bikram Yoga class where there are a lot of standing balance postures mixed in with traditional vinyasa poses. I find this class the most challenging because even though you aren’t moving very much, the intensity of the balance poses added to the heat of the room causes your heart rate to skyrocket, burning calories like crazy.

After a couple months of really getting into the first three classes I decided I would give Yoga Sculpt a try. This class is a weighted class that doesn’t resemble yoga much at all.  There are some yoga postures used in the class but it is mainly a workout that is going to help you tone your body and help build the strength that is needed for more advanced yoga poses.

How CorePower Yoga Helps The Body And Mind

As much as I didn’t enjoy leaving each yoga class looking like I had just been punched in the face and thrown in a pool, what I started to realize was how good I started to feel afterwards (once I showered and ate some food). It wasn’t obvious at first but I eventually started to find that after sweating out and replacing huge amounts of water from my body three or four times a week, I was constantly detoxing my body, flushing out any toxins that might have been there.

Laying Down Meditation
How CorePower Yoga makes you feel.

Also, I have seen a drastic increase in my strength, flexibility, and mental concentration, all of which I attribute to practicing in a hot yoga class. Being able to  keep your breath under control while under intense strain and profusely sweating helps the body relax and the mind to focus. If you are able to embrace the fact that you are going to sweat and really give in to the practice, you will gain all of the benefits that hot yoga has to offer.

As I’m laying on my mat at the end of a class I almost feel euphoric. My brain is tingling and if I run my hands through my hair my entire head feels like it has goosebumps. My mind feels connected to the rest of my body more than ever before and the feeling continues into my everyday life after I leave the studio.

I’m not sure what exactly is going on in my body when I’m at a CorePower Yoga class but I know that what ever it is, it is making me feel better than ever before. Sweating out the bad in your life and bringing in the good is possible and it’s happening in CorePower Yoga classes all around the country.

What in your life could use a little detoxing?

Stick With It!

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  1. JeffWA

    I am into yoga a little as I use it in conjunction with my bicycling which allows me at my age, (58) to retain flexibility surrounding my back and legs muscles which are really pushed while I ride.

    However what you presented in your great article around the concept of CorePower Yoga takes it to another level altogether with regards to the practice taught to others.

    You stated at first that you did not like the thought of doing Yoga routines in heated rooms with regards to the amount of sweat that would work off of your body. But as you also were to find out indeed even when warming up by doing basic yoga routines it does warm the targeted muscles of your body much quicker. Likewise I much prefer to ride in really warm weather as opposed to cold for this very same reason.

    Are CorePower yoga facilities about to spring up all across the U.S? With the emphasis nowadays on trying to maintain health and fitness I can see these types of facilities quickly gaining popularity!
    Great article!


    1. yoga (Post author)

      Hi Jeff!

      That’s great that you already do some yoga with your bicycling! You can really add a yoga routine to just about any workout that you do and it will greatly improve your other workouts as well as your daily life.

      CorePower studios are already starting to appear in tons of cities across the US. I think there’s 140 total right now and counting. I know the brand new studio that I go to gets more members everyday and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down!

      All the best!

  2. Bill

    Good and interesting information. I lift weights and have thought of adding something else, such as yoga to my workout program. I’m aware of sweat yoga and know what you mean about “aIready sweating in a non-heated class.” I think you’ll find a good deal of interest in this subject. Is CorePower a franchise? I assume from your article that you prefer sweat yoga over non-heated?

    1. yoga (Post author)

      Hi Bill!
      My first yoga teacher was also a body-builder and he could never stress to us enough about how important it is for people who lift weights to practice yoga. And yeah, sweat yoga and CorePower yoga are very similar to each other, just different styles of yoga. I enjoy both heated and non-heated classes but they each have their place. If I’m looking to really detox and get deep into my stretches then I’ll practice in a hot room. If I want to practice more on my form without all of the sweat, I’ll go to a non-heated class. It really just depends on what I am looking to work on that day!

  3. Henry


    I’ve always wondered about yoga if that really is everything they say about it.
    Well, I’m complete beginner if it comes to dedicated yoga classes. I’ve never been in one. So, what do you think.. where should I make a start to get going?

    In general approach, I’m familiar with multiple stretching exercises as they are always part of my training session. To clarify my goals, as powerlifter my main target here would be mobility drill to improve my overall flexibility. That’s tremendously important to get better results what I’m doing.

    So, I’m curious what could Corepower Yoga C1 class realistically offer to individual like me?
    Another thing I’m attracted to, of course, is meditation which I know is excellent to get shape & focus your mental side. I believe it’s also a big part of yoga if not most about it. Maybe I’m a bit off track. I hope you can help me out here.
    Thanks in advance!


    1. yoga (Post author)

      On the outside it might look like power lifting and yoga are complete opposites but a lot of yoga postures increase flexibility in parts of the body that power lifters use all the time in their workouts. There’s a yoga pose called ‘Malasana’ that if you look up on google has a striking resemblance to a certain power lifting position. Being able to comfortably move into these positions would have a huge impact on your lifts.

      I definitely think a C1 class would be a great place for you to start. It isn’t a heated class but it is still hot so it will allow you to start to loosen your muscles up and align your body that will also help with your lifts. You’re not going to be super flexible right away, but give it time and you’re going to be amazed at the results.

      Meditation is one half of your yoga practice and has a place in it for sure. For all of the physical work that goes into your yoga practice you also need to take time to reflect and restore your body and mind which is where meditation comes in. The last pose of every yoga class is usually Savasana which is just lying on your mat with your eyes closed. It really is amazing how it all works together!

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. Alyssa

    The older I get the more I think I should start taking Yoga classes 🙂 I’ve been to a handful of classes, but none of them really made me want to continue with yoga. Perhaps it was, in part, the facilities? Core Power Yoga sounds rather amazing, especially from your description of how you feel after taking the class. Are Core Power Yoga classes available on a “drop in” basis, or is there a membership commitment?

    1. V (Post author)

      Hi Alyssa!
      Finding a studio or place that you feel comfortable practicing is just as important as the practice itself. I’ve practiced in pretty much any situation you could think of and I have to say that having a place like CorePower to practice at makes it so much easier to keep going back. The classes are definitely drop-in but they also have an unlimited monthly membership if you like to go a lot like I do 🙂

  5. Ian

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with CorePower Yoga, it was really interesting to read since I’m a yoga beginner myself.
    I haven’t done the hot yoga yet, but isn’t there a risk of dehydration doing that kind of practice? That is what I asked myself when I first heard about hot yoga. But after reading this post, I can definitely see the benefits and I think it actually may be what I need since my muscles are always very tight.

    1. yoga (Post author)

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post!
      When practicing in a heated room you always need to be aware of your body and how hot you are getting. Heat exhaustion is a real thing and can happen if you are not drinking enough fluids to replace the sweat that is pouring from your body. Once your practice and cardio is at a level that can withstand a little more heat, a hot yoga class can have huge benefits to your body if done right. Thanks for the comment!

  6. Peter

    Thank you for your introduction to Core Power Yoga. I agree with you on the importance of being able progress with yoga at your own pace and it is good to see that Core Power Yoga offers the 4 different classes. I have done a little Bikram Yoga which you mention is similar to the Hot Power Fusion class. I know in Bikram Yogo it gets intensely hot – is the Hot Power Fusion the same? What about Yoga Sculpt – does that get very hot as well or it if mainly focused on body postions

    1. yoga (Post author)

      Hi Peter!
      All of CorePower Yoga’s classes are pretty hot, the level 1 class is the only one that doesn’t turn the heat and humidity on but the other three classes do. I’ve noticed that the Hot Power Fusion class is the hottest one and the heat is too much for me so I don’t go to that class that often. Yoga sculpt is a little cooler than the Hot Power Fusion but it includes weights which increases your body heat so it feels hotter. The classes that have heat and humidity turned on are around 100 degrees and sometimes go hotter so it’s always wise to bring plenty of water. Thanks for the comment!

  7. Jeremy Hood

    I love Yoga, although I haven’t had practiced in a while.

    I used to go to a hot yoga class with a friend but I have not gone since my wife and I started working out at our local YMCA.

    I have never heard of CorePower yoga before, is there a database where you can search for gym near your city?

    1. yoga (Post author)

      If you’re thinking about getting back into hot yoga then I would definitely recommend CorePower because the classes they teach there are all high-intensity routines which are going to give you a great workout and make you sweat like crazy! You can look on their website to see if they have a studio in your city. I know they are growing pretty rapidly so there are new studios popping up all the time.

  8. Kanika Singh

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