Yoga For Pain Relief – Paying Attention To What You Eat

As you begin to practice yoga for pain relief it can be difficult at first to also change your bad eating habits that have accumulated over the years. Paying attention to what you eat is a very important step in the process to living a life free from pain but it is a lot easier to say you are going to start eating healthier than actually doing it.

The Healthy Eating Struggle

Healthy Food

If starting a new workout regimen has been a fairly common occurrence for you in the past, then you have more than likely attempted to change your eating habits to be more healthy at some point as well.

I was blessed and cursed with an athletic build so I have never really had too much of an issue with my weight.  I’ve always been able to eat foods based on how good they taste instead of how healthy they are for my body and not see much physical change.  “I would kill for that!” you say, and it is nice, but it is also potentially very dangerous.

Eating whatever I wanted unchecked for so many years allowed my body to develop a sort of addiction to the bad foods and since I wasn’t gaining excess amounts of weight, I didn’t change my diet.  Yeah I would try to eat healthier when I started to exercise more but as soon as the exercise stopped, the bad eating started once again.

After years of happily stuffing myself with foods that can be akin to literal poison, as soon as I started practicing yoga my body made sure to pay me back for all of the neglect. But there has never been a time when I think that it hasn’t been completely worth it.

I know there are a lot of people that feel like they pulled the short straw in the gene lottery pool and struggle constantly with maintaining a healthy weight, and they might be right. Nature may be playing with a stacked deck against you, but if we as a species allowed nature to win each time the going got tough then there is a very good chance humans wouldn’t even be alive today.

You have to realize that you are part of nature and accept the path that you have already gone down.  Only when you accept your current situation are you able to change the path you continue to head down and begin to work with nature to forge a new one – one that you can take pride in and stick to because you are the one who got yourself there, no one else.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Nourish Your Body

As you begin to step on your mat and really get into your yoga practice you might notice that your food cravings will start to change.  You might resist and continue to eat the same way you always have but after a while you will want to put higher quality fuel into your body.

You will see results no matter what you put into your body, that is the beautiful thing about yoga, but you will start to realize that when you decide to start eating healthier, your workouts and recovery times will improve exponentially.  The more you start to feel better, the more you want to eat healthy and continue to stick with it.  It starts to snowball and eventually you will never be able to see yourself going back to your old ways again.

You and your body are obligated to be together for the foreseeable future so when your body starts to change from your practice, your mind will also start to change and eating healthier foods will come naturally to you.

Your Body, Your Results

The information that I will be updating the site with and the advice that I will be sharing is all to be taken with regards to your own body.  I don’t know your specific needs and I would never presume that you would listen to me without a doubt in your mind.

It is in our nature to question things and when you do you really start to get a feel for what works for your body.  Only you have the answer for what your body needs in order for you to start feeling how you were naturally supposed to feel – happy.

Starting a regular yoga practice is the best way to get your body moving and acclimated to the new positions that you are going to be putting it into. As your practice develops, overtime you will naturally start to crave healthier foods and it is important that you give your body what it wants so you can get the most out of your workouts.

What types of food do you like to eat to enhance your workouts?

Stick With It!

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