Yoga for Lower Back Pain Relief: Benefits of Bridge Pose

If you’re looking for a pose in yoga for lower back pain relief that strengthens your lower back muscles while helping to rehabilitate chronic low back pain then you might benefit from adding Bridge Pose to your routine. When practiced regularly, the benefits of Bridge Pose can be felt throughout your entire body, especially in your lower back and core.

What is Bridge Pose?

The reason Bridge Pose is such a good pose to practice for lower back pain relief is because of the way it activates your lower back and core muscles while in the full expression of the posture. Not only are you strengthening your core muscles which have a direct effect on relieving low back pain, but your legs, glutes, and back muscles are getting an intense workout as well.

If you are just beginning your yoga practice and aren’t strong or flexible enough to go into the full expression of Bridge Pose then it might be necessary for you to modify the pose by placing a block underneath your lower back. Bridge Pose is going to bend your spine and open your chest in a way that might take a few tries to get used to but once you become strong enough can provide immediate relief from tightness or pain.

Bridge Pose
Bridge Pose

How to Perform Bridge Pose

(1) Start by laying on your back with your feet firmly on the ground and your knees bent at a 90 degree angle about hips width apart. If you are able to touch the heels of your feet with your fingertips then your legs are in the right position.

(2) Keeping your arms straight, place your palms down and begin to press the ground away with your feet and hands as you lift your hips and pelvis up to the sky. Make sure your feet are pressing firmly into the ground as this will activate your lower back muscles and strengthen them as you are able to lift your hips higher.

(3) Begin to bring your hands together underneath of you while shifting your shoulders in and underneath your upper back. Most of your upper back should be supported by your shoulders.

(4) Interlace your hands together while keeping your arms straight down along the ground and lift your chin to the sky.

(5) At the full expression of the pose lift your hips up toward the sky as you press into the ground with your feet, arms, and shoulders.

(6) Be sure to keep your chin from falling down to your chest by keeping your head firmly on the ground. This will also allow you to open your chest and shoulders up and give them a good stretch.

Benefits of Bridge Pose

  • Strengthens lower back, glute, and leg muscles
  • Stretches the chest, neck, spine, and hips
  • Increases spinal alginement and flexibility
  • Improves posture
  • Improves blood circulation

Practice Yoga for Lower Back Pain Relief

Yoga For Lower Back Pain Relief
Yoga for Lower Back Pain Relief

Used on its own, Bridge Pose is a great pose for someone who is just beginning their journey with yoga for lower back pain relief because of the way it adds strength to your lower back and core muscles while stretching your spine and hips. Bridge Pose can also be taken even further by moving into Wheel Pose or lifting a leg up to the sky as you advance in your practice.

The stronger your core becomes and the more flexible your spine and lower back are will make a dramatic difference in the way you are able to perform each pose. As you are able to go deeper into the postures your back pain will start to decrease and you will begin to feel all of the other health benefits that a regular yoga practice provides.

Finding long-term relief from your low back pain is possible and can be as simple as combining postures like Bridge Pose with a few other stretches a couple times a week. If you’re really serious about finding relief from your pain as fast as possible then starting a regular yoga practice will combine every stretch and pose you need in order to heal your lower back pain for good.

You just have to start your practice and then stick with it for you to find real relief from your low back pain.

What are you going to do today to find relief from your low back pain?

Stick With It!

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