Jade Harmony Professional Mat

Jade Harmony MatRating 5/5

In my opinion, this is the last mat you will ever need.  It isn’t as cushion-y as some of the other mats but I have found that too much cushion does not allow for me to get a good footing on the ground.  This mat will really allow you to feel each move that you make so you can focus more on how your body is positioned rather than how your mat feels beneath you.

I also sweat really bad (as in puddles of sweat forming on my mat) and have tried other mats that claim to be slip resistant that left me slipping worse than before. Even when I am sweating my hardest, this mat keeps its grip.

Although this mat is a little more expensive, if you are really serious about your practice and want to get the most out of it, I’d recommend checking this one out.

Where To Buy: Amazon.com

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